ImproValue is a consultancy firm specialized in cost management engineering. 

We provide you with unique cost modeling and economic performance management solutions that are tailored to every step of your project. Our team of experts, who are passionate about what they do, can help you to innovate and create highly competitive added value across multiple industries.

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Whether you’re an executive in Engineering, Purchasing or Innovation, a Program Director, CEO, or investor, your industrial and economic challenges are a core component of our expertise.

Large groups don’t necessarily have the agility of start-ups, which can make a 180° turnaround in just a few months. Their transformation can be painful. How do you go about optimizing your products and industrial tools whilst maintaining profitability?

Start-ups are agile but don’t yet have the experience of large international groups. How do you set up a framework for your business model, allowing you to design profitable products?

How do you manage to define and implement your industrial base?

Our solutions are adapted and tailored to your needs. We can give you advice or access to tools that will provide you with practical answers to every step of your project in respect of cost modeling and controlling economic performance.

You can benefit from our expertise in economic performance analysis and management or outsource your cost calculation activities whilst developing your cost calculation knowledge and capabilities.

We have over 10 years of experience working in multiple industries: automotive,bus, truck, military, machinery, rail, aeronautics, space, and consumer goods, and have piloted over 700 projects.

Within our clients’ businesses, we have implemented actions that transform the way they design, produce, and purchase, which have generated cost savings of between 15 and 45%.


Cost is a performance and you can innovate at a competitive price. We aim to help you reinvent the way you design or purchase.

Cost doesn’t have to be seen as the result of design, development, and purchasing.

Design should bear in mind not only expected functions but also pricing target.

To each cost corresponds value and therefore profitability. Innovation can also allow for improved profitability.



We aim to design innovative solutions and cultivate the enthusiasm to implement them.

We give our employees great freedom of action which in turn gives them job satisfaction.

We endeavor to surpass ourselves, providing our clients with the very best-in-class services and solutions.

Our modesty shines through in our curiosity and our constant desire to learn at all times.

We share trust and know-how.


Our team of experts supports you in innovating and creating highly competitive added value. Our hybrid know-how combining systems engineering, digital simulation, and cost engineering, sets us apart.

For you, we implement the methods that are most suited to the specificities of your industry, in order to provide you with tangible and quantifiable results on a day to day basis. We can act at all times, across all levels of your organization, from directors to operators, and from managers to experts. We commit to optimizing your performance while respecting your strategy.